STEM information products using processing android mode need feedback

A website,, sells STEM information products using processing android mode, arduino and bluetooth. Request for feedback regarding its website and products. Thank you.


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    @myrds -- Is your site?

    It looks like they information for fabricating your own Arduino-based car shells, along with apps to run it and control it via Processing Android. I'm not a Processing Android mode expert, but here are some thoughts.

    It says:

    • It comes with software for Arduino (the car) and Android (the remote control).
    • You need your own 3D printer and material, and to know how to use it.
    • You need your own Arduino, shield, batteries, motors etc.

    This looks like fun, and it is ambitious, involving a lot of different steps (printing, assembling, installing code on multiple platforms).

    Some suggestions:

    1. Hard to know how much the actual project will cost without seeing their instructions, and hard to know if the project can be done -- if whatever parts they recommend are actually available. Even if the parts list needs to remain secret in order to sell the instructions and code -- and I'm not sure it does -- giving a price, who the recommended suppliers are, and when the list was last checked would help inspire confidence.

    2. It says "STEM" but it isn't clear that it comes with lesson plans for teaching -- just instructions for fabricating and building a remote control car, and code to run it. So if you are thinking of teaching with this you could make it STEM by incorporating it into a lesson, but I think you might have to write that lesson yourself...?

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    1. First, the instructions are very cheap, and all the parts can just be bought online. The price will depend on what the buyer want to buy. There are clone parts that are very cheap and original parts as well , that when searched and can be bought in common online stores, like amazon, ebay, aliexpress, lazada. etc. I think for those willing to learn, it is just easy to google parts and weigh on the pricing.

    2. It indicated stem, for it can be a material that can be used for STEM education. And it teaches those with little knowledge through exposure and experience and not to 100% spoon feeding, for each step, you will be exposed to learn something. Like as informed, the attached data can be used as templates to create an original design yourself.

    • It does not come with a software for softwares are downloaded. But there are codes given.
    • and if you read all the information properly in the site, it is not indicated that you necessarily need a 3D printer and know how to use it.
      • and your right, there are parts that you need to purchase and actually, some of the parts are opensource, so if you do not like to buy them, you can build them.

    Products are just guides, there are times that you need to do research or communicate with a community, to learn experience and innovate.

  • Hi @myrds. Thanks for this information.

    Is your site? Are you advertising it here?

    I agree that the instructions are very cheap. My suggestion about offering a rough price estimate was that it is useful for understanding whether someone might be interested in buying the cyberperx instructions. If I am thinking about doing this for a class of 20 teams, it is helpful to have a rough estimate of what "very cheap" for the total kit cost (including 3D printing materials) -- is that about $40, $80, or $160 per kit? That would mean that I might expect my x20 class project cost to be either $800, $1600, or $3200. So saying for example "this project will cost about $50-100" might be very useful information.

    Another suggestion: Some potential users (educators or parents) may also not be aware of 3D print-on-demand services such as Shapeways -- so they may think "well, I don't have a 3D printer, so I can't do this." Another useful thing to add might be to tell them that the shell design can be modified and then ordered from a service (and offer a very rough estimate of what that order might cost) if you don't have your own 3D printer -- which most people do not.

  • I can't give a rough estimate that is not reliable, unless it is sold in only one location. Pricing varies so much from one location to another. You can do your own research regarding on the pricing on your location. The parts itself is already very useful information, it is what you do about it.

    Also, if you read the whole website, there is an information there for those who don't have a 3D Printer.

    The site is just selling information and data that buyers can use and not the kit itself. There are information that varies from one location to another.

  • I see. So this is your site.

    Re: project estimates. Up to you, of course.

    Ah, I missed the section at the bottom on 3Dhub when I clicked through to the product. Very helpful.

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    I don't see the relevance of you knowing if the site is mine or not, for constructive feedback is more important here. I could be anyone related to the site for it is not owned by only one.

    The main reason of posting it here in this site is to gather feedback information from the Processing Community and not advertise.

    But if we gain feedback on where products should be advertised from this community, is also great feedback.

    But anyway, the feedback regarding the pricing is currently considered, but based on research, it is a very broad range and varies greatly from one location to another location and from the decision made by consumers buying and creating the parts.

  • By the way, do you know what type of ad platform is best if products or website are advertised? Priority selections are Facebook or Adwords.

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    This thread is becoming increasingly spammy. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt even though you were being cagey about your relationship with it, something that is easily searchable. But asking us where else you can advertise it is maybe a step too far.

  • My apologies. Maybe it would be better if this post would be deleted for it won't benefit the processing community.

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