A simple Tool for beginner templates in PDE


I made a simple Tool for beginner templates for Java mode in PDE. I was wondering if this section was an appropriate place to get some feedback on how to improve it.


Thanks so much!


  • @jae_notjane Do you have documentation associated with the tool? It would't be a bad idea to provide a brief description in the github's readme file. Maybe even a screenshot of it?


  • @kfrajer Oh yes, completely forgot the readme file! Thanks for the reminder!

  • @kfrajer Just updated the readme!

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    I believe there is a theme template management already in Processing. I don't think it is documented in the Processing website but as a post a while back. In the sketch folder where the libraries/tools/modes live, there is a folder called Templates

    └───R Language

    If you create a folder with the name of each mode, then any pde file that is there would be used as your template starting any project under the current selected mode. Note that it is important to have one file called sketch.pde in each folder.

    I believe your tool does something similar. Maybe you should consider merging both tools so for the template to be available in the Processing IDE under tools? This is just an idea.


  • @kfrajer hmmm I was under the impression that the current method only supported one template and the suggestion was to make a tool that could support multiple. Could overriding some methods used above make this happen as well? Currently, I have it so that it's using setText() which I don't think is the best way but I was unsuccessful in figuring out a more efficient way to load multiple templates. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Unfortunately I don't know how the current template works. I am more of a user. I can say that your tool is not strictly for beginners as it would be used by amateurs and experience users as well. Anything that improves coding experience is very welcome. Documentation is important so for ppl to be aware of the tool and dive right into it. I believe other forum members could provide more input to your tool. I am tagging @shiffman @lmccart @REAS as they could provide some of their wisdom.


  • @kfrajer Good point! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  • For me I'd like the template to run as is and prefer to alter default screen dimensions than have to enter them every time. You could add things that are frequently wanted, by me anyway :), - row of a few buttons at the top, time and/or frameCount displayed top right. It's quicker to delete what you don't want than to add it in.

  • @jae_notjane You might find this discussion of interest to you: https://forum.processing.org/two/discussion/26861/code-snippets#latest

    I hope things are going well.


  • @kfrajer Thank you so much for letting me know about this discussion!

  • @jae_notjane Glad I can help.


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