Video on linux

Hi, I'm trying to read a video on linux with the processing video library without result. The output says that it run on 32 bits and I'm of course on 64. I'm trying to install gstreamer 0.10 but on ubuntu 17.10, it's no avaible anymore. What must I do ?


  • You need to use the beta of version 2 of the video library that supports GStreamer 1.x. Not sure if there's an automatic install for that yet - see

    It's a lot bigger than it needs to be for you because of the included Windows and Mac binaries. :-/

    The 32 bit message is an error in this case - that's not actually the problem at all.

  • Ok thanks. I don't have errors now. But the window is like this : videoLinux

  • That doesn't look good! (well, it kind of does ;-) )

    Can you try some different video files / formats? Is the file somewhere public? I wouldn't mind testing it in the underlying GStreamer bindings. Does it play fine in the OS video player?

    Pinging @gohai too!

  • The video works well in ubuntu. I tried .avi file and it works, so for my project I'm save. But with mov I have similar bug. Thanks for your help

  • @matthieu - glad you've got something working. However, I'd still be really interested in finding out why that file isn't working if it's something you can share or point me at? I should have said, but I'm the maintainer of the underlying GStreamer bindings, so would really like to track down whether there's an issue there or in how the Processing Video library is using them.

  • I have no idea why .avi works and .mov and .mp4 not. I already have similar problem and it was libgstreamer and gstreamer package that were out of date. Late april there is a nieuw ubuntu long time support. It will be good to focus on it, maybe gstreamer package change and everything is to restart.

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