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I have created a GUI using processing and I want to serial read and serial write and display in the text area.Can anyone suggest me what to do?


  • Where are you stuck? Can you follow the Serial library examples?

  • Is this related to Arduino? Or are you interacting with some other hardware? Provide some sample code showing what you have tried so far.


  • We are currently using the arduino ide to interact with our fpga. Now I want my Gui to interact with my fpga using serial communication.

  • Open the Serial example sketches and see if you can do the following:

    • Send a preprogrammed string to the FPGA

    • Print a message from the FPGA on the console

    These two things should be easy if you follow the SimpleRead and SimpleWrite examples, but there are various reasons why it could not be straightforward, but these depend on how the FPGA is programmed.

    If you are stuck with either let us know and we can help but there is very little information to go on now. How does your GUI work? Do you have some code?

  • these depend on how the FPGA is programmed

    It could be a bit more complicated. I don't think you are interacting directly with your FPGA, aren't you?

    Have you manage to successfully decode serial stream from your device before by any other means? If not, I suggest you use RealTerm. If you confirm than serial data is being streamed, then the simple example code in the Processing's webpage under the library section should work.

    Do you mind sharing your FPGA setup for the record?


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