Currently no registration / New forum soon

Hey everybody,

part of the current forum software is broken and as we are about to move on to a new system soon we decided to disable registration of new accounts for the moment. You can still log in with the accounts you already have.


  • What is the timeline for shutting down the old forum? Days, weeks? I have a few hundreds of bookmarks and drafts I want to export before the hammer comes down.

  • I hope it will stay online and only be closed?

  • How do you manage the bookmarks @jeremydouglass?

    @fjen When this forum is closed, would I be able to use previous saved links to specific posts?


  • WHEN WILL it come?

  • Soon, we have no specific date. It depends on our availability really.

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    But until then, folks are barred to get help from this forum, right? :|
    Could you please re-activate new accounts back here while you tidy up things there? [-O<
    I wouldn't like you to quicken things too much there to the point we lack features. :-SS
    We can stay in this forum right here as long as it is needed to get the other setup properly. I-)
    After all, no 1 actually asked for another forum. We can totally w8 right here. :\">

  • I fully agree.

  • i am enjoying the lack of chinese diploma spam and 40 russian bot accounts per day.

  • I have fun deleting them. :P


    ... but being that the forum is not allowing people to register I decided to try and get help here.

  • Thank you very much!

  • No new forum & no sign up here. New folks can't get help anymore! :-<
    Folks from p5.js depend on this forum too for non-bug issues. :-\"

    If a non-registered person is reading this, you can look for help at Reddit: *-:)

  • Whoever archives this forum, please don't break the images.

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    Wait what? This forum is shutting down? Hmm sad. If possible let me know when you finally shut this down, I'll like to join the new forum too.


    Posting here since the processing forum is closed to newcomers.
    If this breaks the repo rules, please remove this issue.

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    What about moving to StackExchange instead, on a dedicated page? As a multilanguage programmer it is the first place I intuitively refer to.

  • So how will this affect Bookmarks? I saw mention of it, but no real answer. I'm hoping to just keep my account and its associated Bookmarks even if this specific forum is closed for posting.

  • It's sad. I was using this forum since I started my design course at the uni. Now I am weeks away from finishing the masters and the forum is closing too.

  • Hey all, please keep the faith … no one is abandoning this forum and we will make sure that when we lock it down all links will stay or be properly redirected so that you can keep your bookmarks.

    We are aware this is not an ideal situation at the moment … sorry for keeping you waiting. My own workload is getting a little better now and i will reach out to the others again to see where we are at with the next forum.

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    Thanks so much for the update.

    all links will stay or be properly redirected

    ...I think (?) what @Bird was saying was a bit different:

    I'm hoping to just keep my account and its associated Bookmarks

    I think this wasn't "I hope my browser bookmarks to forum threads won't become dead links" -- I think it was "I hope I will still be able to access the 'My Bookmarks' list in my forum Vanilla account login, even if I can't post."

  • We will render the current system into static pages. The links will be redirected IF the pages are moved to another location. There will no longer be accounts and hence no personal bookmarks page.

    @Bird … you can just save your bookmarks to a HTML file/files. The links will stay valid.

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    That is what I have done, FWIW -- go to the bookmarks page(s) and Save As HTML for each page. Keep in mind that Drafts will also go away.

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    I'm starting a new Discourse forum for Processing, p5.js, Processing for Android, Processing for Pi, and today. I'm not sure how long it will take to get it up and running and feeling good.

    Here is the original discussion about archiving this forum, FYI:

    I imagine that both forums might be running for awhile. As with prior forums, Florian will be the lead in archiving the material.

    I will be reaching out to people about moderating in the new Discourse environment.

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    I imagine that both forums might be running for awhile.

    @REAS, that's the most sensible approach: Allowing both forums to run for a while. :)>-

    That way, there'll be no rush on setting things properly on the future forum. :bz
    That also means quality will be assured w/ more time to prepare it. \m/

  • The new "trial" forum can be checked out here:

  • Is this the new permanent forum? Thank you!

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