Currently no registration / New forum soon

Hey everybody,

part of the current forum software is broken and as we are about to move on to a new system soon we decided to disable registration of new accounts for the moment. You can still log in with the accounts you already have.


  • What is the timeline for shutting down the old forum? Days, weeks? I have a few hundreds of bookmarks and drafts I want to export before the hammer comes down.

  • I hope it will stay online and only be closed?

  • How do you manage the bookmarks @jeremydouglass?

    @fjen When this forum is closed, would I be able to use previous saved links to specific posts?


  • WHEN WILL it come?

  • Soon, we have no specific date. It depends on our availability really.

  • edited April 15

    But until then, folks are barred to get help from this forum, right? :|
    Could you please re-activate new accounts back here while you tidy up things there? [-O<
    I wouldn't like you to quicken things too much there to the point we lack features. :-SS
    We can stay in this forum right here as long as it is needed to get the other setup properly. I-)
    After all, no 1 actually asked for another forum. We can totally w8 right here. :\">

  • I fully agree.

  • i am enjoying the lack of chinese diploma spam and 40 russian bot accounts per day.

  • I have fun deleting them. :P


    ... but being that the forum is not allowing people to register I decided to try and get help here.

  • Thank you very much!

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