Variable font with mobile sensor

Hi, I'm new to this forum ;)

I am working on a font with a friend who reacts with the cellphone sensor. He used robofont to make a font with different width weight and using an interpolation script in robofont the can do the transistion between all his versions (this script is written in python) I think there also that each version is .UFO. When he exports this font he gets a .ttf and a .html where he can modify and animate the width of his .ttf

My question is how can one get its font variation settings in processing.

2018-03-31_19h24_36 2018-03-31_19h25_56

To use it with the ketai android library that allows to use the sensors of the laptop. I also look at the geomerative library to import the .ttf with new RFont ("inter.ttf") and be able to access the path of the font to translate it into svg font.draw (myText), but how to access the opentype parameters ? :-S

I am french, excuse me for my language. Thank you.



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