How to create a pile with this code ?

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Hello everyone, I am creating a card game based on a real game, and I want to create a pile for my game.

Here is the code that defines my game (yes I'm french) and the code for my pile :

Can someone help me finding a solution ? Thanks

Capture Capture2



  • When you want to share code on the forum, just copy and paste it in with one line of space before and after. Then you mark your code and hit ctrl+o or klick the 'c' button in the text editor. And because your names are in french, it would be of help if you added some english comments.

    When you say pile, I assume you mean a pile of cards? You already have an array of cards, and you have another array wich hold the order of the cards. What exactly are struggling with?

  • Please post your entire code as text and not as images

    Also please don’t use french in your code, but just English

    What is stack, pioche?

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