Proscene v2.0.0-alpha3, released

Proscene v2.0.0-alpha3 is out. Download it here and extract it to your sketchbook libraries folder (automatic importing proscene from your PDE is only available for stable releases, currently v-1.2.0).

This release completes the main functionality expected in proscene2 and also focuses on API stabilization. Thanks to collaborations with experimental computational designer Amnon Owed, to whom we're greatful, we've polished the KeyFrameInterpolator sub-system. We've also implemented view frustum 2D culling routines (please refer to the new example: TwoD.WindowCulling), thus completing the 2D functionality.

We now enter the beta (sub)cycle which will focus on documentation completeness and bug fixing, to make the upcoming proscene2 as polished as possible.

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