skeleton proposal for updated

Hello there, here is an initial proposal for updating I am reluctant to go into further detail until I know if I will be creating new interactive elements and having the people I record explain them or if I am going to have them say pretty much the same stuff Lauren and Dan said.



  • Ah yes, I forgot about the explicit ask, I would love feedback on what direction to go from here

  • hey @afrospacebuddha, I think it would be appropriate for you to propose what the content for the tutorial would be (in addition to finding folx to appear in the video). pinging @shiffman just to double check. :) I've also left some comments on your proposal. good luck!

  • Thanks for your proposal @afrospacebuddha! The content of the hello video itself would be developed in collaboration with the project mentor. We would like to feature many p5.js contributors in a new video possibly including the GSoC student if they are interested! The main work we are looking for is the development of the code for playing the video and running the interactive elements. Hope this helps a bit!

  • I have made some updates to my proposal, I would love some more comments!

  • FYI this is a far more detailed proposal now that I have a better idea of what the project entails.

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