Monokai theme for the PDE

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I have always loved Sublime Text's Monokai theme, as it was easy on your eyes and it looked nice, so I decided to re-create it for the PDE.

Here's a screenshot:

Monokai for PDE

There's a few issues with the theme that I can't fix at the moment:

  • The original theme had more syntax highlighting for tokens like = or numbers, but the PDE syntax highlighter doesn't support these
  • The PDE can't display italic text, so I used bold text

But despite that, I still tried to make it look as faithful to the original as possible.

Here's the GitHub repo: processing-monokai-theme

Update 2018-04-16: Fixed the selection color to be gray (original) instead of orange. This was a thing that I overlooked, fixed locally, but forgot to add it to the repo! Hopefully the orange didn't cause too much eye strain for you.



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    Thanks for this, install was easy, looks good

    Every IDE needs a good dark theme.

  • You should post in github to update their wiki dark theme to include your theme:

    By the way, I made a recent request to move the theme.txt file to the sketchbook so it is not dependent in the Processing install folder:

    Maybe this should be revised to include the folder and not just the file. I just thought in bringing this up now and this should be revisit later when these recent changed is published so to improve it if needed or as required.

    Looking forward to try your theme btw. Thxs for sharing. Dark theme rocks \m/


  • Thanks,

    I just tried it and it looks very nice ! The install is easy, cool =)

  • I've updated the theme so the selection color is no longer this eye-straining orange.

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