How to control the progress bar of the ring?

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Hello Processing Community, I have created a sketch , but how to present and use the keyboard to click control? and how to create this type of progressbar?

waiting for your suggestions and trying my best for this...

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    Look at arc please

    It’s a command in the reference

    Make a full arc (with less opacity) and your progress bar with full opacity - see command fill()

    Now make several arcs all with the same center but different radius

    For each arc you need a progress variable (the stop angle) how far the arc is painted

    With keyPressed and key=='+' you can change this variable (stopProgressVar1++;)

    Use radians() or map() to convert this value for the arc() command

    Show your entire code then


  • Hi Chrisir, thank you for your precious reply...,but(Use radians() or map() to convert this value for the arc() command)I am not quite sure and how to command this variable?

  • Let's see your current code. Be sure to format it properly. It doesn't have to be for a circular progress bar - maybe even just a regular one.

  • To your question: let’s say your progress runs from 0 to 1000 then you can say

    progressToDisplay=map(progress, 0, 1000, 0, TWO_PI);

    and use this for arc(.....

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  • Hi!

    How is it going?

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    Hi,thank you for your precious reply...,This is my arc effect progress bar code ,Next, how can I change it by clicking on the keyboard? waiting for your suggestions and trying my best for this...

    regards ...>

    void setup(){ size(300,300); smooth(); background(14,18,30); } void draw(){ float x = width/2; float y = height/2; float d = width * 0.8; ellipseMode(CENTER); fill(#26221A); ellipse(x,y,d, d);//yellow1 fill(#1C2420); ellipse(x,y,d-30, d-30);//green1 fill(#101E24); ellipse(x,y,d-60, d-60);//blue1 fill(#B77C08); arc(x,y,d, d,PI+HALF_PI, PI+HALF_PI+QUARTER_PI);//yellow fill(#657D31); //noStroke(); arc(x, y, d-30, d-30, PI+HALF_PI,TWO_PI);//green fill(#1E624C); arc(x, y, d-60, d-60, PI+HALF_PI,TWO_PI+QUARTER_PI);//blue fill(14,18,30); arc(x, y, d-90, d-90, 0,TWO_PI);//center }

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    You need now an arc where you show the progress as the angle

    Or do you have that already?

    Make progress a variable.

    use the map() command with it as shown above

    Now to change progress

         progress ++;
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    float progressToDisplay=map(progress, 0, 1000, 0, TWO_PI);

  • Thank you very much for your reply and are trying hard to try this, haha, thanks again. .

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    I know it’s hard

    Try it

    Post your entire code

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    float x;
    float y;
    float d; 
    float progress=9;
    void setup() {
      size(300, 300);
      x = width/2;
      y = height/2;
      d = width * 0.8;
      background(14, 18, 30);
    void draw() {
      background(14, 18, 30);
      // show full circles
      ellipse(x, y, d, d);//yellow1
      ellipse(x, y, d-30, d-30);//green1
      ellipse(x, y, d-60, d-60);//blue1 
      // -----------------
      if (keyPressed&&key=='+') 
      if (keyPressed&&key=='-') 
      fill(255); // white
        +", use + and - ", 18, 18);
    void showArcs() {
      fill(#B77C08);   // !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      arc(x, y, d, d, PI+HALF_PI, map(progress, 0, 100, PI+HALF_PI, PI+HALF_PI+PI+HALF_PI));//yellow  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
      arc(x, y, d-30, d-30, PI+HALF_PI, TWO_PI);//green
      arc(x, y, d-60, d-60, PI+HALF_PI, TWO_PI+QUARTER_PI);//blue
      fill(14, 18, 30);
      arc(x, y, d-90, d-90, 0, TWO_PI);//center
  • Thanks Chrisir, this is exactly what I want, sorry for replying you so long, thanks again..

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