There are no kinects, returning null(Mac OSX)

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Hi there,

I'm currently working on the OpenKinect-for-Processing library according to Daniel's tutorial. But I can't get the Kinect connected. Here's the error log in the console when running the point cloud from the library example:

Found path: /Users/MichelleYAO/Documents/Processing/libraries/openkinect_processing/library/v1/mac/ Loaded freenect from /Users/MichelleYAO/Documents/Processing/libraries/openkinect_processing/library/v1/mac/libfreenect.dylib No Kinect devices found. Failed to open camera subdevice or it is not disabled.Failed to open audio subdevice or it is not disabled.There are no kinects, returning null

I'm using a Mac OSX Serria (10.12.6) and my processing is 3.3.6. Hardware: Kinect v1 (1414)

I've browsed through all possible solutions on Github and Processing Forum, tried (1)unplug and plug again for a thousand times (2)Try it on another computer

There's other comments mentioned about USB 3.0 and 2.0. But not sure what it means since the mac I use only has USB3.0. I could found the device through system report(see the pic attached). For my laptop, I connected the Kinect with a power cable and a USB cable.

Please help;( Thank you so much in advance

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 17.39.03

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