Processing - Kinect/ gesture - music interaction (Max7?)

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Hello everyone!

I am using Kinect with Windows library ( in processing and detecting all the skeleton joints and positions. What I want to do is to combine sounds and music according to movements of the skeleton joints. (e.g. control pitch or volume of a sound according to the x-position of the left hand). Something like this (). As I don't have any experience with music software I would like to ask you which method you recommend in order to implement this. A possible approached that I've found to combine with processing is by using Max7 (). But I am not sure if Max is the most suitable approach as I am aware that there are many other software (Ableton, virtual midi controllers). In respect to Max7, I am thinking that I could do that by controlling a slider using the skeleton joint position(e.g as the hand moves right the slider value will increase but I don't know how I could do that - assign the position values from processing to a Max's slider). Any guidelines would be appreciated!


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