How can I catch erro and display message running exported exe?

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Have an issue with exported exe of sketch . pde runs ok everytime without error, but when i export and run exe the program hangs at a gray screen and does not progress to sketch display screen I have to use task manager to stop and restart. Sometimes it does progress to screen, but i don't know what is stopping it when it doesn't

Can i catch this error and display somehow ? I don'y get any Windows error message dialog of any kind Blind as to what is causing hang up. I suspect it is a array out of bounds from a file not loading at startup in setup but it could be something else.



  • You could just write in a log file, flash and close every time

    Or look at try... catch ...

  • Not sure what i'm trying to catch, suspect areas can you elaborate on a log file ? when it hangs I close it with task manager

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