Connection timed out while downloading p5.js Mode.

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I just trying to launching codes from openprocessing. I got advise many of it need other modes like Javascript mode. so I was trying to download in mode section of processing.

p5.js Mode // 1.0.4 // Fathom information design

but, It's failed with this message after few of minutes passed.

Connection timed out while downloading p5.js Mode

please help!



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    after 1day passed. it's downloaded well. but still don't know why it wasn't..

    thanks guys

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    I can only guess: Antivirus, proxy settings, firewall, etc.

    I believe you should be able to install the mode manually. Ask next time if you run again into these waiting times. Do you have any problems when starting Processing or when downloading libraries from the Contribution Manager? Just for the record...


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