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I am sorry if someone has already asked it but how should i start contributing to this open source community apart from being familiar with the environment . I am Gsoc 2014 Aspirant



  • Hello!

    For starters, you'll need some good amount of programming chops, especially in Java since that's the core language for Processing(the source code is generally well documented).

    You can begin by cloning/forking the Processing repo. Get it to build on your system with ANT. Build instructions are present in the GitHub repo wiki.

    Then you can start going thorough the source code to familiarize yourself with the internal components(a brief look should suffice, no need to go too much in depth). Tinker with the code, try tweaking things around a bit and observing the results.

    You should also familiarize yourself with git version control, GitHub and its pull request workflow.

    After reaching this point, you can start contributing to Processing development by helping the team fix existing bugs. There are quite a few in the issues tab. You can start with any bug that you think you can handle. After fixing it, submit a pull request and the team will follow up.

    Good luck!

  • i have fair enough experience in developing with java .. thanx for the suggestion.. :)

  • This page in the wiki lists some projects that could be done for GSOC 2014:

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