How to get standalone Android SDK

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Hello there, i'm writing a tutorial for Android development with processing. Under Windows 10, it seems to be quite awkward to get the SDK. ("Automatic Download" does not work, interrupts after some 100 MB...). Ok, is there another way to get the SDK but installing Android Studio, opening the SDK manager etc? A direct Download would be fantastic. Any idea? Thanks!


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    i dont understand your question; of course it s possible to download the sdk without P5 && with all its tools...

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    Ah sorry, there was missing one word: "but installing Android Studio" ... The only way i found to get the SDK was: - install Android Studio - open SDK Manager - select Oreo - confirm - find SDK in /user/xxx/AppData/... (which is invisible by default) ect... This is somehow awkward if you don't need Android Studio...

    So the question is: is there a download-link to get the SDK standalon without going to this process?

  • I am not an expert here but I would suggest googling how to install the Android SDK manager by itself. If you are able to install and run it, then you should be able to install any preferred sdk. I haven't done this myself, but I see the importance of your success.


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    if you downloaded as studio then you have the sdk; you can put it where you want and use the path for P5...

  • @akenation: yes, sure, but i'm writing a tutorial, for which i'd love to present a less awkward way than installing a whole IDE just to get the SDK... @kfrajer: thanks, will try that tomorrow.

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    @algcomposer=== ok; in this case i am afraid that there is only one solution because AS is trying to kill the other ide (eclipse is the first one!) so you cannot download the most recents sdk as a standalone and as the automatic download by p5 does not work (probably for the same reason) the only solution is to download another version (older) from the sdk then update it using the manager. as an example (for windows)::

  • ok thank you, will check that soon... when the alternative way is as complex than the original one, perhaps it will make no sense ;)

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