P5 Canvas size vs HTML Canvas size

I have a problem about saving canvas as image. Consider the following simple code, it simply creates a canvas and save the canvas as "image.png". It is out of expectation that the result image's width and height is 3 times of the canvas, giving an image of dimension 960x720.

var cnv;
function setup()
    text("Hello World", 160, 120);

My programming envirnoment is Android Chrome, Android 7.0

After further investigation, I found out that the size of canvas generated from createCanvas() is not equal to the canvas under HTML DOM.

console.log("createCanvas(): "+ cnv.width + ", " + cnv.height); 
// size is 320, 240

console.log("HTML DOM canvas: "+ cnv.canvas.width + ", " + cnv.canvas.height); 
// size is 960, 720


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