Need a Mentor for me....

I need a Mentor . Any one who is experienced in #creative coding and #generative art. I have done some little work and can read every p5js code && also done some code in processing. my works and forks are:

so,any kind && open minded person who can help me and also guide me for big project and also in financial matters.



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    What specific help are you asking for? What exactly do you need? Saying you need a mentor is pretty broad. This is a public forum: if you have a question, just post it publicly and a bunch of people will see it.

  • I want to mean that i have done some of processing && p5js coding and also learning processing for 8 month's. So, now i have faced some financial problem so,is there any way of earning money for living by using the skills of making p5js sketch || processing sketch. I have done some works and also fork some : I am a student of B.CSE(9th semester)

  • That is way too broad a question for anybody to really answer. I don't know of any jobs for Processing or P5.js specifically. It's open-source and most of the people involved are doing this for free, in their spare time.

    There is a job board here, but if you're in dire straits then I don't think trying to get a job from an internet forum is the way to go.

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