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Hello I'm a video designer and integrator and I will like to dive seriously into Processing.

I have some basic knowledge in Python, and I was very happy to see that their is now a Python mode.

So the big question!

Is it a good avenue to start learning Processing in Pyhton mode?

  • Will I find good documentation and tutorials along the way?
  • Will I be able to access library and other tools created by other users?
  • How does the community feels about the Python mode and its implications in shows and/or installation?

Thank you




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    Python mode has great strengths and serious limitations.

    1. It runs on Jython, so
    2. Python 2.7 only, and
    3. Pure Python libraries only, but
    4. Processing Java libraries work (because Jython runs on JVM)

    So if you don't mind the limitations, it can be the best of both worlds. However, if you need Python libraries that use the C API, this won't work for you. Documentation and reference are good but not as robust as Java. Check out Parrish's Getting Started book, the online reference, examples, and the github source.

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