Is there a way to make blendMode in P2D (OpenGL) work like it does in default renderer?

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I'm building an abstract art game and trying to render a P2D (openGL) sketch but using blendModes in the way that the default render does. I've been looking into it, but haven't figured out exactly how to code GL to mimic it in processing. Everything gives me an error. I'm using PGraphics to create layers. I'm blending those layers with each other, some clearing out during draw, others not, so they paint on their colors as they go.

The reason I need the P2D is that Spout requires it in order to feed the program into TouchDesigner for projection mapping. The visual nature of the game is important to me, so I really would like to figure out how to get the openGL renderers treating blendModes like the default.

I explored using hint() - but couldn't get any working with GL code I found on java sites.

any suggestions would be crazy appreciated.

Image produced through blendMode with default renderer


Image Produced through P2D renderer (Had to swap out a background layer in draw with a frame sized rectangle to get it to work at all)

Before There Was Void-

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