A quick BETA build of a adventure/maze game based around the Minotaur's Labyrinth.

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I put together a game with real basic functionality, graphics, etc to see if interest would warrant further development & greater graphics.

pic2 pic4 pic5

You can check out the actual game here:



  • very impressive!

    where did you get the art work...?

  • Thank you Chrisir! I made the non-Processing generated shapes with Gimp, a popular Photo Shop Alternative. Using the feature to draw a selection area with the mouse combined with the "fill" feature and a "burn/lighten feature" you can make basic pictures quite fast & shade for depth when wanted. Granted all the current art is pretty small, a place holder for when I have the energy/time to improve them.


  • Fixed some bugs & added some features and such, but the most notable change is an upgrade to the environment graphics! Hoping the current BETA build is approved and live soon. Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-08-14 Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-09-29 Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-18-26 Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-04-50 Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-25-02 Screenshot_2018-01-28-19-58-29

  • Added some other fun features like the predictable zombie mode and a forcefield that gets knocked around by moving murderous blocks instead of allowing the player to be squished.

    Screenshot_2018-02-08-10-12-19 Screenshot_2018-02-10-04-22-04

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