Perceptual Colorpicker Tool

Hello everybody,

I am proud to annonce a new tool for Processing3.

You can choose from 3 to 7 colors from CIE Lab or Lch with different graphic tool.

You can download it at

I made it with javafx and it shows how to do a javafx tool for Processing3.



  • It looks awesome.

    Can you briefly explain what javafx is and what we can do with it..?

  • thanks for the appreciation ! Javafx is the newest java framework for designing GUI. It's like .NET WPF. It is make with the MVC pattern and have really cool binding and observable listener capacities. It is part of java SE since java 8. You can make rich client desktop applications with it. You can take look at : to see what you can d with it.

  • thanks a lot! And it works inside processing 3? Is there a tutorial?

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    Once you have installed it you open it like any other processing tool. You copy the colors array and paste it in your sketch code where you want. for example : //******************** Perceptual ColorPicker colors ******************** color[] pcpColors = new color[5]; pcpColors[0] =#527f74; pcpColors[1] =#777867; pcpColors[2] =#976d5a; pcpColors[3] =#ae624d; pcpColors[4] =#c65141;

    There is a help manual and examples at It is just a color picker...

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    Excellent work @rievilo !

    Have you considered adding your tool to the Processing Contributions Manager so that it is available for automatic install?:

  • thanks for the compliment ! I have send a mail to Elie Zananiri for he takes a look. It is him who makes it available for automatic install. I don't know how much time it needs. If you download it from you can unzip the package in the tool directory of your processing folder.

  • JavaFX works inside processing 3? Is there a tutorial?

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