Advice on using the alpha editor with an iPad (iOS)

edited January 2018 in p5.js

I am very familiar with using the browser-based p5.js alpha editor on linux, window and macOS, but when I try to use it on an iPad (and every student at the school where I teach will soon have iPads) I have a lot of trouble using the interface.

  1. The alpha editor on an iPad can't zoom out as it can on a traditional desktop (linux, windows, macOS)

-- On a traditional desktop I would click Control + 'minus sign' to make the screen smaller so I can see the sketch and the code at the same time. With the iPad external keyboard this doesn't work and I've tried safari, chrome and firefox.

  1. The arrow keys on the external keyboard don't work the same way that they do on a traditional desktop (linux, windows, macOS)

-- I've googled around about this but the only advice is to modify the code to use WASD instead of UP, LEFT, DOWN and RIGHT. I could potentially make this change, but I'm still curious if there is some other workaround.

Any advice on either of these issues would be helpful.

thanks in advance, Chris



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