program starts sketch but never opens frame !

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I started a new laptop for processing work. installed verified Java, installed processing and copied sketch folder to ne w PC under \documents\processing

I have other sketches that run ok and perform as on the other machine.

But one does not. never gives a sketch canvas I put prinln before size(), after size and after frame statements . they all report on the console so i know the program is getting to these commands

what could do this , i have checked everything to make sure both PC's are idenatical with regard to processing directory placement , version, all of it and the simpler sketches run fine .

no time for this !@


  • ok, The sketch that won't start up from the pde starts as .exe but hangs at full gray screen.

  • Can you please post a MCVE that demonstrates the problem?

  • Answer ✓

    Never mind I found it. Goes back to my problem with checking for a file.The delays set on the previous computer were not enough to allow the file to be completely written. It depends on PC and dick speed.

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