Align normals on he_mesh

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Hi guys,

i'm using the wblut he_mesh library to build a custom mesh. for some reason the face normals get messed up.

is there a way to align the face normals, or anyhow manually set the normals for each face?

i've been stuck with this for a day now, and it's really getting on my nerves... if any hint pops in, i'd be thankful!



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    I think by default that the normals are calculated from the vertices that make up the face, you can't really define them. if, and I'm guessing here, the normals are facing the opposite direction to the one you are expecting, then that's usually a problem with vertex ordering - the convention is to order them anti-clockwise (looking 'into' the shape)

    hard to explain, especially blind like this. post the code or a picture.

  • sorry, I haven't seen your reply until now. I actually solved it the way you implied, by reordering some of the vertices. thanks!

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