Is there a way to help g4p textbox to survive a stream of characters?

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I am using g4p's textbox to show output to the textbox. Hoiwever, I noticed that the text box couldn't handle a stream of strings coming in (since I was outputting something) and it crashed. Is there a way to prevent it from destroying itself? Thanks.



  • What do you mean when you say it crashed? How large of a string are we talking about here?

  • The GTextArea control was never designed to display huge amounts of data, its main purpose is to accept multi-line input from the keyboard.

    Having said that there are stratagems that might help, depending on what you mean by a stream of Strings

  • Let's say I was outputting a string with an output of a sensor. So Serial.println("reading" + String(reading)) on arduino that uses Xbee to transfer it to GUI. Constantly. However, if there's no easy solution, I will just stop streaming because I am required to output certain things rather than everything. Thanks for your quick replies guys!

  • You could always just limit the textbox to showing the last X lines of output instead of every single line.

  • KevinWorkman has identified one of the stratagems :)

  • Ok thank you!

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