List of available fonts is truncated (PFont.list())

Hello everyone, first post here. I'm reading through Reas and Fry's instruction book on processing and I've come to chapter 12 dealing with typography. There's a function they use to print to the console a list of available fonts: printArray(PFont.list()); The list that I get however begins at number 79 and omits all entries before that. This differs from the list of the authors' and prevents me from seeing all available fonts. There are other ways to see a list of installed fonts, but I would like to correct this in case the underlying issue becomes problematic for a future sketch.


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    i think the problem here is that you can't scroll back far enough to see the first 78 fonts, the buffer just isn't big enough.

    print something before printing the fonts and see if that's visible.

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    some settings in preferences.txt that may help you (close processing before editing this file)

    you might also be able to find the console output in a tmp file somewhere. this'll differ per operating system.

  • That you very much koogs. That was the problem and increasing the console.scrollback values was the solution.

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