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Is there any inputmethodmanager to go to the next screen (featuring the main app) when a button named NEXT is touched on the first welcome page? Thanks.


  • @sonia===

    i dont understand why do you want a keyboard to do that ???

  • Sorry, my mistake. What I wanted to ask was this: For a welcome page with a NEXT button, the touch event on the button leading to allowing record audio permission and then to the app, should I use a Motion event like this: and use it in my main sketch? How does that work? Pl let me know. Thanks.

  • ... Are you using Processing to do this?

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    @sonia=== There are many ways to do that; standard: with android "native" you create a button and add to it onClickListener(); you can also use some view (imageView, textView...) and add onTouchEvent, though i think it is useless in your case because you are only interested by ActionUp, so you can also use the onMouseReleased from P5 with a boolean.

  • Thanks, will try that.

  • Android native looked very scary. To top it, whichever imports I made were never enough. The R.layout. never got resolved with all imports including activity or relative layout imports etc. So, I took a shortcut and used requestPermission() and hasPermission(), and then used a splash screen in draw() with a timer. That seems to work. How will it display in different devices is yet to be seen while alpha testing. Thanks anyway. Happy new year !

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    R. has not to be imported: it s a file created by android on runtime with all _R_esources (layouts, views...) which are used and the Ids which were attributed to them...

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