Combining the MSAFluid with DepthPointCloud (Kinect2 / Mac)

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Hello, first post here! I have a rather complicated question it seems. Basically I'm trying to combine MSAFluid sketch and the OpenKinect's DepthPointCloud sketch so that each vertex there will be a emitter of MSAFluid.

I've seen examples like this which were done with previous libraries and kinect versions - so, now I really want to accomplish this with my Kinect2 and on Processing 3 on my Mac.

You can see the js version of MSAFluid here, also the code is there;

And the DepthPointCloud code;

Already, thank you for trying to help out! I've seen many posts about this but they are all very old and not helpful in this situation. I really think I can move forward with a little guidance.

The solution seems pretty basic actually. Just replace the;

// Draw a point
vertex(point.x, point.y, point.z);

in the draw function (line 82) with the particlesystem (from the MSAFluid) so it would create an emitter where there is a vertex and it should work. Doesn't it? Though, I have tried this and it didn't work, maybe did it the wrong way, not sure. The problem I guess is that once I move in front of the camera vertex doesn't move unlike the mouse, it just shows another vertex which already is there but not displayed, is this logic correct? I mean how can manage this like shown on the video above, I just want each vertex created in the for loop to emit this fluid particles in the force of my movement.

Many thanks!

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