Sketch will only use 1 audio input

To preface, I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface with 2 mics plugged into it for the audio inputs. I'm also running on Mac OS Sierra (not sure if this matters). Whenever I try to use two AudioIn variables, my program will only use one of them and applies that channel to both AudioIns.

To clarify, this works:

AudioIn inputP1 void setup(){ inputP1 = new AudioIn(this, 0); }

But this one takes channel 1 and applies it to both inputP1 and inputP2:

AudioIn inputP1 AudioIn inputP2 void setup(){ inputP1 = new AudioIn(this, 0); inputP2 = new AudioIn(this, 1); }

It detects both channels just fine, as long as there is only one AudioIn variable. Is there any way I can use both channels as separate variables in the same sketch?

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