mavericks + processing app on startup

i'm trying to run an exported processing app on mavericks at start up and it keeps quitting unexpectedly... has anyone else run into this? in mountain lion, i found that if i left my processing app in the application.macosx folder (with the ".") that could cause problems some times, but that doesn't seem to solve the issue now. java is installed, i don't think that's the issue as it runs fine when it's not launched at startup. using a 2012 mac mini 2.3ghz for an installation.

my current solution is a script with cronnix via a post by blair neal (see "Step 3: Keep it up (champ!)")... thanks to reas for the link.

-- also worth noting-- i'm having to export from 2.0.3 to get an app that can run on mavericks.


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