Is it possible to make a linux code usable on a Raspberry Pi from the code on the site mentioned?

edited December 2017 in Raspberry PI i was wondering if i could have the code used here work on a raspberry pi. I know the Pi runs on linux but only windows and mac codes are available. If someone could adjust the code for linux or let me know how to adjust it to work for linux on a raspberry pi the help would be much appreciated


  • @GreyProxy It should be pretty straightforward to get this to run under Linux on a Raspberry Pi. The only difference will be the port-names: on Windows they are e.g. "COM1", whereas on Linux you will see an Arduino show up as "ttyUSB0" (or similar).

  • those two files differ only in the way that they copy screenshots to the clipboard - via screencapture on the mac and robot on windows. if you aren't interested in that functionality then just pick either and comment out that bit of the code.

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