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How does it work if I already have a keystore file that I want to use to build my apk files? In fact I have several and would like to be able to select whichever I need. I already have these in use for apps on Playstore, so must use them, but Processing always wants to create a new keystore file when I export,

Thanks Mark



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    Looking to the source code, i am afraid that you cannot choose an existing key on runtime; perhaps, after exporting for release you can open the.apk and change the CERT generated (copying/pasting another one) but i never tried that! - Another way, more sure, could be to export your app in debug mode then import it in AS or Eclipse, then export released with Eclipse or AS: twos open a window "use existing key or generate a new one?"...

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    Thanks for replying. That is what I do now, but I use AIDE on my phone, not Eclipse etc. It works fine, but hope one day it might be possible to do a signed app export from Processing ...

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