How can I input the console output from another folder's pde

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.29.56 PM I am working on my project. I work on two pde files- a file of tracking color through(Color-tracking)the camera and a file of an animation(cell-moving). And, I wanna use each color's coordination via camera's detection to become input to change the animation. So, how can I output coordination to my animation file? The only solution I know is separate color tracking file to Raspberry pi and send output to Mac/Pc. Does have any better way only working on one device?


  • You could combine them into one sketch.

    Or you could have them pass and receive messages via e.g. OSC.

  • Thank you. Those two sketches have each window, so I am not sure that can be combined. I go to take look on OSC

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