Split an audio file into multiple parts

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Hello! I am trying to split an audio file into multiple parts, then independently modify those parts by changing their pitch, length, pan, ect. Ideally Id like to separate the files by taking out everything of a certain frequency, or maybe specific sounds(this is probably way too hard). But I am open to any method that can be done relatively easily. I am using p5.js by the way, but I figure its roughly the same. Thanks.


  • I will suggest you install the Minim library through the Processing IDE and then explore the provided examples. You can learn more about the minim by checking:



  • Im using p5.js. I've already looked through all the documentation, and explored p5.sound. The examples given don't show any audio splitting that I know of, except possibly the granular sampling example.

    I understand how to use getPeaks(), and other functions that could assist in my problem, but they return arrays of numbers, not sounds that can be edited. Any more ideas or directions to point me in? This has been messing up my head for the last few days.

  • Sorry, I didn't notice this was for p5.js... My comment is for java, so never mind.


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