tracking people along a corridor


I want to track people along a corridor and based on their location (maybe shape). Screens are going to be displayed all along the corridor. I would like to animate or disrupt the pixels. So as people walk through the corridor the screen following the people.

I was wandering if anyone could advise me with the tracking part. I was thinking about having cameras facing the screens or above the screen. Can this achieved that way? Do I need to worry about lighting? All the stuff I have seeing was in a very low light environment.

Any examples, showcase and code sample are welcome

Many thanks S


  • File > Examples... > Libraries > Video > Capture > Frame Differencing

  • Check also the examples that comes with the OpenCV library. You will need to install the library first though.


  • For really low-light environments, use cheap IR cameras -- like baby-monitor style. (You can also often turn a normal even-cheaper webcam into an IR cam by removing a tiny piece of film from the lens -- but then you also need the IR LEDs for illumination, and cheap IR cams have the LEDs built-in.)

    Instead of using IR camera(s) and processing the image(s), you also might want to consider building a detector with strong IR break beam sensors along the hallway (projector on one side, receiver on the other), or one strip of multiple IR distance sensors. The distance sensors are more expensive, but then you only have to set up on one side of the hallway and there is no worry about alignment.

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