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Since I moved onto the new Android Mode version, 4.0, whenever I change the target SDK or minimum SDK, save and click "run", the target SDK gets reset to 26 which is 10 SDKs too new for my dev phone. This results in "INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK" instead of a working app. How do I change the SDK that Processing compiles with? I used to be able to change it through the menu but it seems to have been removed, along with the graphical SDK manager. It seems features have been removed, not added, this time around. If possible, can I go back to a previous version of the Android Mode? The old versions were much easier to use and had more features, like being able to change the SDK and install different SDK versions with a graphical manager.


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    Nevermind, I just searched a bit more, found this and it worked for me:

  • I will suggest you add a ticket in the Processing Android repo in github. I am tagging @codeanticode and see if he can address your question (not sure how often he visits the forum though)

    It is possible to use to a previous Android version. You can get an older branch from the repo. I cannot provide you links at the moment... I can do it tonight. It is really easy as you just need to place the old Android mode folder in a specific folder in Processing. Tag me later in case I forget.


  • I'm not familiar with how to use Github, so I'll have to try to add a ticket later. But I already installed version 3 of the Android Mode and it works much better for me. I'm suspecting the exclusion of the SDK Manager, and subsequent confusion among Processing users wondering where half the Android menu has gone, in Android Mode 4.0 may have something to do with Google removing the graphical SDK Manager from its non-Android Studio SDK. So the Google soyboys over in Mountain View could be to blame for all the fuss. Nonetheless, we have Android Mode 3.0 to use until work is done to help make the latest version of the Android Mode usable.

  • I'm not familiar with how to use Github, so I'll have to try to add a ticket later.

    You click on "New Issue" and fill out the form.

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