Need to test my mmo rpg fighting game for bugs

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Hey guys i need to test my game that is using oscP5 library i really cant test it in my house because i dont have a second pc so can someone please test it with me using hamachi? thanks

network name: testingmygameProcessing pass: 123

you can send your hamachi ip through hamachi chat

here is the download link:!Ui42GBxJ!xRM4pWF8t1TntrUixAb1P3r7efNNNMhTeir94ieEXSY


  • Hi @NewStudent --

    Good luck with testing your game.

    People who are not familiar with hamachi may be confused by your post -- normally a LAN game is communicating on your Local Area Network, so nobody is going to be able to test it with you unless they come to your house. You are asking people to join a virtual LAN and schedule a time with you to help you do the testing.

    I saw you've posted two requests already for beta testers -- good luck, but please update single post (e.g. one later thread for the game moved to Share Your Work) and add bump posts to it if you like with new calls for participants -- but don't repost the same request in many different threads.

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