Heads-up: New version of the Video library available for testing

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We have a version of the Video library for you to try out, that switches from the ancient version of GStreamer 0.10 to the latest GStreamer 1.12. This could potentially solve a number of issues people were having with the library - it definitely eases installation on Linux, as few distributions were still carrying the required old version of GStreamer.

See the details, including a link to the ZIP file to download here: https://github.com/processing/processing-video/pull/84

Note: I am currently only interested in hearing about regressions you experience with the test version - that is: things that worked in the released version of the library, but not in this test version. I currently don't have time to deal with general issues with the library - one step at a time!



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    Congratulas !

    I guess using Java 8 and pass the bytes directly too OpenGL is to easy :)

  • Congratulation and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

    You made my day.

    Tested on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 64-bit in an VBox Environment.

    Next test will be on Raspberry X86.


  • any update on whether this version solves the camera in list b ut doesn't read image problems. these were apparently due to the only supporting cameras that install as image devices and not under Sound , Game controller in device manager.

    How do i replace my current Video lib with the new one so it get imported and how can i tell Processing is using it and not the older version?


  • my processing video lib is under c:\processing\modes\java\libraries\video it imports and works ok

    i replaced the files in the video folder with the downloaded new video lib files/folders. It seems to be missing /bin folder. not sure if thats the problem but it just gives a bunch of lib errors.

    when i copy the original files/folders back it works again so i know i'm putting them in the right place.

    Help! I really wanna try this new video lib

  • downloaded new video lib

    is this from github? Link plz...


  • still can't get this to work when i import video library , program gives a bunch of errors when run

  • There is a new forum now

  • program gives a bunch of errors when run

    can you post those errors?


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