SoundFile is not looping

Basically running the sound example to load a file and loop it using sound file.loop();

it works with he example, but my file (an mp3 made with audacity) plays once and then stops. Not useful.

Is there a specific kind of file needed? the example has an aiff.


  • @gersart you could test if the problem is your audio type by testing the example with and .aiff of your audio and then a .mp3 of your audio if only the aiff works its probably the file type thats the problem.

  • Answer ✓

    I found a different solution to this problem (I restarted the problem every time the scene changed) The only issue I had was some scenes extended past three minutes, and my file was three minutes, so in some cases there would be a significant delay.

    I can upload the file somewhere and others can see if there is a problem with it.

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