Dynamic twitch overlay?

How to communicate with OBS?

I've made an audio sampler to play sounds while I'm on stream. I want to expand to queuing images an text in my twitch overlay. Like visual samples.

Is it possible to have an app written in processing communicate with obs to effect the overlay in real time?

Thank you.



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    This sounds like an OBS question. The question for them / their help and documentation is, is there a programmatic way to have ANY other software affect the overlay? If so, find out what it is -- what is the method, protocol, or API -- and then ask the Processing community if it can do that.

    Disclaimer: I'm unfamiliar with OBS.

  • OBS has an API for plugins. It's written in C++ and, as I'm literally completely new to programming in general, and having a horrible time finding resources on how APIs even work, I don't know if the programs could communicate.


    Let me refine my question to, "can a Processing app is written in Java mode communicate with an app written in C++?"

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    Applications written in any language can communicate with applications in any other language if they use a protocol. A protocol might be http, or MIDI, or OSC, etc. etc. etc.

    If OBS has hooks for receiving information and putting it on the stream, and if they have plugins or a plugin API for sending that information, then a program can use the Protocol / API -- it shouldn't matter if the program is written in JavaScript Java Python Ruby etc.

    If the only allow you to write C++ plugins to talk directly to their C++ program, that isn't a protocol. That's writing extra code that you can plug in to their program directly to add a feature, not two programs talking to each other.

    If they do, they do. If they don't, they don't -- then no language can help you, not even the same language as the application (unless it is open source and you want to change the core).

    You should ask them.

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