My phone cant be connected

Good evening! I'm writing to ask You about an advise. I've turned on USB debugging but when I link my mobile phone to the computer, Processing doesn't recognise my mobile. Безымянный1


  • P.S. I'm usind computer on Windows.

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    Have you follow this instructions?

    What phone do you have? Can you tell us more how you turned on the USB debugging in your device? What instructions did you follow?


  • I have Lenovo C2 with Android 6.0.

  • Thanks for useful links! I've realised that I had followed instruction for MacOS.

  • I am having the same problem. What is the solution @void

  • What have you tried? Did you try the link above? What OS? What phone do you have? Can you confirm developer mode is active on your phone, as well as USB debugging is enabled?


  • I am using HUAWEI Y3 2017 3G that is based on Android 6.0(23). USB Debugging is enabled. I am trying to run Accelerometer example of Ketai library.

    Following are the sdk tools that are installed to my PC:

    (Tools) Android SDK Tools Rev:24.2.5,
    Android SDK Plateform-Tools Rev:25.0.6

    (Tools Preview Channel) Android SDK Built-tools Rev:26 rc1,

    (Android 6.0 (API 23)) SDK Plateform,
    ARM EABI v7a system image,
    Google APIs,
    Sources for Android APIs,

    (Extras) Google USB Driver,

  • One of the only times I have seen this problem is when I was connecting a phone to the laptop for the first time. I enabled the USB debugging but it wasn't enough. When I connected the phone, I didn't notice but the phone was asking to allow USB debugging with the recently established connection (i.e. the laptop). You need to click allow so for the USB connection to go through. Also, make sure that you unlock the screen when you connect your phone, in case you have your phone to lock itself automatically.


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