Using syphon to connect processing with the Kinect to a VR wrapper

edited November 2017 in Kinect

Hello processing community, recently i see some projects (that one is a exemple: ) where the Kinect is transmitting the data to a VR in real time.

I discovery that Syphon may do this connection. but never works with before and the only VR platform that i works was the Android mode for Processing. i could not discover how to do the connection with syphon, even with the github repository which is really complete. but im quite new at coding, and have some issues to understand how it works.

i think if Unity will be a Software where i can support the Kinect data to a VR...

Any help or another ways to solve this will be very appreciated. if you already work with syphon may you can show how to use it, even for a quite different propose.

And thanks a lot for all the support that this community has been making, to me e to everyone how wants to know about it!

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