Make movie play using proximity sensors

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hi, I am working on a project that requires playing 3 videos when the person reaches 3 different distances. I am using processing 2.2.1 and arduino, just beginning. What must i take into consideration or what references can i look at?



  • Can you play a video at all? How do you select the video file to play? How do you load it? Can you switch between videos when the mouse is clicked? Can you connect to your Arduino? Does the Arduino know how to interface with the sensor? Can the Arduino read data from your sensor? Do you need to process the data? Can you get the data into your Processing sketch?

    Consider this: There are lots of steps. To attempt them all at once - and to ask us for help on them all at once - is a VERY BAD idea. What code do you already have? Any example code, even? What have you tried? What have you looked up? Have you searched the internet for a guide? Have you looked at any tutorials?

  • Please explore the following links I provided in this post:

    I agree with TfGuy44, break your problem is small chunks. Related to Arduino, provide your code for both Processing and Arduino.

    Any reason you are not using Processing 3? Most of the latest examples are based on the newer release.


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