Osc5 getting blocked by firewall

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My android app connects to my server through my domain. Most of the time my apps connect to the server without problems but when I use my school's network I cant connect (I assume the firewall blocked it since the firewall is quite 'sensitive' and blocks a lot of data), I'm using osc5 on port 5204, is there anyway to get trough the fire wall?



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    If your school network firewall blocks port 5204 then the only way is to send traffic on a port that your school allows. This isn't specific to Processing, osc5, or osc -- it is true of any port used for any purpose.

    Two options:

    1. use an allowed port instead, or
    2. if you school allows VPN, you could VPN in to your server and then all ports would be local and thus open.
  • @jeremydouglass Thank you! is there any port that most mobile app use? Most sources say I should use port 80 although that would stop me from hosting a website on the server since its the same port.

    So does this mean I would need 2 public domains? Or is there any other way of doing this, also using a VPN isn't really a option since I want anyone who downloads the app to be able to connect on most networks and asking them to install a VPN is a bit much.

  • If you want anyone to be able to connect on almost any network, that sounds like port 80 -- yes, that would stop you from hosting a website on that server, although you could host https websites at port 443

    I'm honestly not sure if sending OSC data (which I believe is UDP) on port 80 (http is TCP-IP) could cause server or firewall problems. Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in.

  • @jeremydouglass Thank you very much! I ended up hosting the server on de default port 80 since its really inconvenient for user of a website to type www.example.com:443, and I my processing sketch runs on port 443 which seems to work fine and not get blocked.

  • Great! Glad that OSC worked on 443, and that 443 worked for your school firewall. Thanks for sharing your solution.

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