Android Wear 1.0 Watch Face: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK]

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I am trying to build a simple watch face for Android Wear 1.0 (Sony Smart Watch 3). The Android version of the watch is 6 (SDK 23). I already put SDK 23 in the SDK folder.

The sketch is building.But after installing i get this error: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK]

Processing sets the targetSdkVersion to 26. Even if i am changing the version to 23 in the AndroidManifest.xml in the sketch folder and in the build folder. It changes the number back to 26.

Is there a way to build watch faces for SDK 23?


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    supposing that your sdk is ok this error means that the minSdk targetted is wrong; you can verify what it is and change it (to some lower value, probably 8 or 9) in your build.gradle file.

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    The minSdk is set to 23. This is the SDK version of Wear 1.0.

    Gradl on the other hand reports: A problem occurred configuring project ':wear'. The SDK Build Tools revision (23.0.0) is too low for project ':wear'. Minimum required is 25.0.0

    I don't know if there's a reason regarding the implementation of the wear face feature in Processing Android. It's defined in

    static public final String MIN_SDK_WATCHFACE = "25"; // Android 7.1.1

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    I also tried minSdkVersion="20" in AndroidManifest.xml and build.gradle without success.

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    Message is clear:: your BUILD version is too low; you have to update it to >=25

    then:: leave the manifest= modify the build.gradle itself.

    and modify also the minTarget as i told: andoid P5 is using appCompat v7 ( i dont know for 4, but i am sure for 3)

  • Unfortunately the Sony watch does not get the Wear 2.0 upgrade. Thus it's not possible to update it to SDK 25. Wear 1.0 SDK is 20-23.

    Maybe i misunderstood. But it seems that Processing can't compile watch feaces for Wear 1.0 (<25), right?

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    looking to the src (your link) i see that minSDK for wear is hardcoded to 25 && unfortunately that is for wear 2.0; so, try to compile with the last version and buildtools, then try to modify the build.gradle minSdk to 20_23: yet, i am afraid that it does not work. Same src seems to say that "user" can modify these values in the preferences file, but i never tried that....

  • Thanks for the research. I'll send the watch back and get a Wear 2.0.

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