How to export/manage the private key of my android app ?

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Hi, I made a little app and exported the signed package using the Processing IDE. The app is now distributed on the Play Store. I plan to change my computer soon. How do you recommend to proceed to keep my private key ? If I type the exact same information and password in the keystore manager of the new computer, will the private key be the same ? Or do I need to create a new key on the new computer and somehow inform Google that I'm still the developer of the app ? thanks in advance



  • Yeah, how does this work!?

    Since Processing v 1.5 I have never been able to get this to work so instead have been exporting my Processing sketches and then using another IDE just to make the apk files. But since this is a new thread, time to ask again....

    So, I already have a keyfile that I would like to use from within Processing, but when I try to export an apk, all I get is a an option to create a new one .. no option to select an existing one....

    How can this be achieved ... ??


    ps love Processing and Android Mode, but this final bit to export an apk is just not quite there yet... ?

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