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For my android sketch I need to disconnect from my server once the app is put in the background, but I cant find documentation on a disconnect function for ocsP5. Does anybody know of something I could use?

NOTE: I tried changing the server ip to null once I want to disconnect but that doesn't seem to be working


  • @schotsl===

    i am not sure but it seems to me that there is a disconnect() method and a stop() method for ocsP5

  • @akenaton Yeah I also found some reference to disconnect() but I have no idea on how to use it

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    i would try something like that:

    OscP5 oscP5;


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    @akenaton It does more than I've been able to achieve my self so thanks for that :) but I get this error,

    The function "disconnect()" expects parameters like: "disconnect(NetAddress)"

    but when I put the netaddress of the server I'm connected to the function doesn't actually do anything and when I use the stop function


    the console prints out

    ### [2017/10/13 13:48:45] PROCESS @ OscP5 stopped.

    but it keeps sending data to the server anyway.

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