The 'Cannot find an Andriod SDK...' popup message does not fully load.

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It's my understanding that after you install processing-android, there's a pop-up that looks like this: this. I don't get that. Everything in the pane is white with no text. It looks like this: this.'

I am running Ubuntu 17.04 with i3-gaps. I'm using processing 3.3.6 with android-mode 4.0.

Any help you could give would be fantastic. Thanks


  • You should create a ticket in github:

    Don't forget to include this link as part of the ticket. You could also add the link of the ticket here so for other ppl to follow it.


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    I was able to find a similar-ish issue here. It doesn't give a solution right now.

    The new ticket is here

  • I think the problem may have been that I had installed two different versions of processing in two directories. After removing the older version, processing worked fine. I can't prove this to be the case, but it's what worked for me.

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